Adele Jones

Research Associate
Sch-Civil & Environmental Eng
Contact details:
(+61 2) 9385 6362
(+61 2) 9385 6139

Vallentine Annexe (H22)
Room VA133B
Kensington Campus

Research Associate in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Water Research Centre (WRC)

Dr Adele Jones is a research associate at the Water Research Centre (in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering) whose research interests expand a wide variety of areas including investigations into the reduction of contaminants in the environment by natural Fe(II)-Fe(III) mineral systems and iron nanoparticles.  Refer to the weblink for more information.

She completed her PhD in 2010 entitled “Chemical Transformations of Fe and Al from Acid Sulfate Soils to Coastal Waters” - a project which had a large field-based component.  Indeed, her PhD work helped identify an acid sulfate soil hotspot in the Tweed River area which has since undergone sucessful remediation.

The most current project in which Adele is involved (as of September 2017) is ARC Linkage Project LP160101153 - "Development of innovative cement binders with a low carbon footprint".  This stems from work Adele has been working on in conjuction with Boral Ltd to improve one of their commercially available low-carbon cement mixes with Honours student Jiayi Fu.  Adele also works with PhD student Wei Xiao who is investigating the kinetics of biogeochemical processes involving Fe(II) and Fe(III) oxides in natural waters, and honours student Cassandra Murphy who is investigating redox processes in Fe-rich clays.

Adele has a great passion for the environment and enjoys research which combines fundamental and applied aspects. She is particularly fond of field work.